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From simple nail cutting to surgical correction of ingrowing toenails and removal of Verrucae. Footsteps provides the full footcare solution by friendly caring staff in purpose built clinics.

Some of our services are listed in more detail below.

Routine Care

Ingrowing Toenails


Routine care is regular treatment of nails and hard skin issues. We will cut your nails, file down thickened nails and remove corns, calluses and dry skin. Patients that find it hard to reach their feet can make regular appointments at a time period to suit them for trouble free feet.

We have a simple nail cutting service with our Podiatry assistant that once a patient has been assessed by the podiatrist they can be referred for this lower cost service.



Diabetes can have a profound effect on patients circulation and nerves in the feet. This is why diabetic patients will receive special preventative care to assess the level of effects the diabetes is having on their limbs. We can assess circulation and nerve supply and care for routine matters as advised for diabetic patients to prevent complications.

Ingrowing toe nails can be painfull and easily infected. We can clear simple problems painlessly or for more troublesome cases under a local anaesthetic. For repetitive issues a simple surgical procedure under local anaesthetic will remove the ingrowing section of nail permenantly.

Verrucae infections can be difficult to cure. At Footsteps we can provide a range of treatments suitable to the individual case following assessment. This can include Cryotherapy (The freezing of the infected vissue.) or surgical solutions such as electrocautery which removes the infected tissue under a local anaesthetic.

Fungal nail infections

Biomechanics and Insoles

Fungal skin infections can be easily resolved once assessed. Nail infections can be more stuborn and require a professional to reduce the infected nail as much as possible before the use of topical treatments or oral medication. At Footsteps we also offer the latest techniques in laser therapy which for quick simple clearing of infection with simple painless laser therapy.

Pain in the feet is usually a sign that the balance of the mechanics of the foot are not functioning as they should. We can carry out assessments of your lower limbs and gait to diagnosis problems and treat with various methods such a simple exercises, strapping and ultrasound therapy. We also use insoles ranging from simple chairside prescribed device to custom made carbon fibre devices.

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