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Diabetes testing



Some medical conditions such as Diabetes or Peripheral vascular disease can cause a deterioration in the blood circulation to the legs and feet. At Footsteps we are able to assess the condition of the bodies blood vessels by the use of ultra sound Doppler equipment to listen into the pulses of the feet, and laser temperature monitoring combined with computerized reporting. 
By detecting early detrimental changes in the circulation we are able to advise on preventative measures or refer on to specialist vascular clinics. 
It has been the case that this sort of examination has in the past found serious defects that had they not been discovered could have lead to limb amputation. 
In addition changes can occur in the sensations of the feet which can be a pre-cursor to other problems. By testing the perception of the different skin senses such as temperature, vibration and light touch. We can monitor and predict future problems. These combination examinations play a very valuable part in the prevention of serious foot problems.

In addition its is recommended by the British Diabetes Association that Patients have regular six weekly check ups and tretaments.

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